Costa Rica Rainforest Relaxation Travel Package

Costa Rica Rainforest Relaxation Travel Package

With this Costa Rica Rainforest Relaxation Travel Package you will experience a luxurious journey into the jungle of Costa Rica with superb accommodations where you can combine recreation and wellness with activity and countless extraordinary natural attractions.

Your Rainforest Relaxation Vacation begins in Punta Islita in the lap of luxury surrounded by natural beauty close to the remote beaches of the Central Nicoya Peninsula. Staying at an exclusive luxury resort on the West Coast you can choose if you want to spend your day learning how to surf, taking your first steps at fishing, exploring the nearby lush rainforest, or pampering yourself at the spa.
Punta Islita is placed in Guanacaste, along the open-ocean coastline of the Nicoya Peninsula where rugged landscape and colorful communities are rich in stunning beaches, mountains, vibrant culture, and charm. The striking tropical dry forest surrounds the hotel property and delights you with its exceptional flora and fauna that invites you for exploration every day anew. You can also take the unique opportunity to volunteer at a local school, explore the quaint town or find a good book and simply relax at the beach.

In the Arenal and La Fortuna area your Costa Rica Rainforest Relaxation Travel offers just as much marvelous highlights as Punta Islita. Discover the abnormally blue waters that flow through the rivers and find the hidden waterfalls deep in the rainforest. Learn about the history of the Arenal Volcano as you take a guided horseback ride or hike through the National Park. Feel the energizing wind in your face while you learn how to windsurf on Lake Arenal or take a mountain bike ride on the trails that line this scenic body of water. To finish your Costa Rica Rainforest Relaxation Travel Package appropriately you soak in the natural geothermal hot springs at nighttime and imagine how the red-hot lava rocks tumbled not even two years ago from the crater of the volcano.

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