Tortuguero Travel Package

Tortuguero Travel Package

Live an exceptional Vacation in Tortuguero where you will discover beautiful landscapes at daytime while at nighttime there is the unique opportunity to witness sea turtles laying their eggs at the beach.

The area where Tortuguero is situated today was once an archipelago of volcanic islands that changed over thousands of years into a network of marshy islands with landscapes found nowhere else on earth. The beaches where the turtles nest and breed today have been formed as sand piled up were the river deposited land met the sea. The intense rainfall throughout the year as well as the fact that freshwater meets the ocean created a perfect environment for the exceptional biodiversity that is waiting to be explored by you during your Costa Rica Vacation.
Tortuguero is a small and calm fishing village where you won’t see any vehicles. The laid-back lifestyle, the incredible, international cuisine and reggae music is just what the doctor ordered. During the day, you can take a boat ride in the crystal clear waters, as the view from the boat is actually better than from land, or you can explore the nearby amazing National Park with a local guide or charter a boat to go test your fishing-skills.
At nighttime, there will be the highlight of your Tortuguero Vacation Package as you can participate in a sea turtle project that protects three different kinds of sea turtles from extinction through providing an intact and save environment for them to breed. You have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe the turtles as they come ashore to lay their eggs, and, if you’re particularly lucky, you might even see some baby-turtles hatch and race towards the ocean. On all accounts, your Costa Rica Tortuguero Travel Package will be a memorable Vacation.

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