La Paz Waterfalls Vacation Package

La Paz Waterfalls Vacation Package

Live an exceptional Vacation at the spectacular La Paz Waterfalls Nature Park where you will have the chance to explore the amazing environment and spend your first two nights in the lap of luxury with this La Paz Waterfalls Holiday.

Begin your Costa Rica La Paz Waterfalls Vacation Package in a luxurious Resort where you can relax in the gorgeous rooms and get used to the tropical surroundings. La Paz Waterfall Gardens is an amazing Ecological Attraction in Costa Rica featuring some of the best hiking opportunities near San José and, of course, the five most famous waterfalls in the country for you to discover. You are invited to explore the waterfalls, the cloud forest area and discover the wildlife preserve with more than a hundred different species of animals. Take a hike on the trails and you will be enchanted by the abundance of the wildlife: sloths sleeping in the trees while you walk by, Toucans flapping by and hummingbirds swirling around to make sure your La Paz Waterfalls Holiday will be unforgettable. La Paz Waterfalls Gardens is a paradise for bird watchers: you will see some of the most colorful and exotic birds of the country – even without binoculars. The Bird Aviary takes care of birds that have been injured, illegally captured or simply donated by their former owners and they lack the ability to survive on their own. You better bring a big memory card for your camera to capture as many unforgettable moments as possible during your La Paz Waterfalls Vacation Package!

This Destination Vacation Package can be combined with other Destination Packages. For Reservations and more information on La Paz Vacation Package, please contact us.

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