Costa Rica Beach Vacation Package

Costa Rica Beach Vacation Package

With this Costa Rica Beach Vacation Package you will enjoy the southernmost towns on the Nicoya Peninsula with the most untouched beaches of Costa Rica and experience the vibrant surfing-town Dominical with spectacular waves and surfing opportunities.

Your Costa Rica Beach Vacation starts in the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, where the towns Mal Pais on one side of the National Park, and Montezuma on the other, warmly welcome you for your relaxing and comfortable Vacation on the Beaches of Costa Rica. Mal Pais appears with a special charm and some people say this area of Costa Rica seems like Hawaii or Santa Cruz 50 years ago with lots of unharmed and exclusive beaches for you to explore. Montezuma is famous for its breathtaking beauty and vibrant international culture and cuisine. This picturesque little village has a wonderful bohemian flair and scenic waterfalls. The beaches in both towns are some of the quietest and most pristine shorelines of the Pacific Coast just as well as they are famous for excellent surf.

Close by, you find the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve which invites you to explore both its secondary and primary rainforest. To bring your Costa Rica Beach Vacation to perfection, you can dive into the large variety of wildlife that the preserve provides: spot armadillos or anteaters flitting by; see the howler, spider and capuchin monkeys in the trees or keep an eye out for collared peccary, porcupines and coatis. With a keen eye or a local guide you can find traces of cats like ocelots, jaguarundis or even margay cats.

Leaving the inherent natural beauty of Mal Pais and Montezuma behind, you take a scenic boat ride south, curl through the mangroves and finally arrive in Dominical which offers the best and most consistent waves in the country and promises yet another phase in your Costa Rica Beach Vacation Package. As surfing is king here, it is very easy to get a lesson and learn from the locals to improve your surfing skills with the best instructors in Costa Rica. They promise to have you standing up on your board by day’s end. Besides riding the waves, there are countless other activities to do in this lively, cliffside paradise. As your Costa Rica Beach Vacation is coming to an end, you might want to ride one last time through the magnificent jungle where you can take a dip in one of the hidden waterfall pools; or if you love the nightlife – they say that it is second to none in Dominical and there is always a great party just around the corner!

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